Sep 19, 2014

Let Me Adjust That For You!

I'm heading out in the morning and wont be back until the end of next week so I've been busy editing.  Not sure if I will have wifi access while I'm gone but will post if I can.

Star Attraction

I stayed away from Algonquin after circus glad I went up when I did. I was able to enjoy time with the bears with few people around and everyone there was behaving. My other location is much better and I don't have to deal with crowds :-)


Wall Pool & Black Opal Spring in the Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone National Park

Sep 17, 2014

Sep 15, 2014

Peaceful Escape

It seems like someone was shooting me while I was shooting landscapes...

End Of Summer

The bears are gone so it was a great weekend to do some landscape photography.

Heat 3 Smart Gloves

Fall is here and winter is on it's way...I doubt I'm going to make many friends saying that so here's a winter tip which I hope will keep me in your good graces:  Buy good gloves!!!  Don't wait until winter is here and you freeze while waiting for your new purchase to be delivered.

Click on the link to order the Heat 3 Smart Gloves (finally available in Canada!!) and use code "Canadian Cold" for a free gift.

What A Boar

Here is another of the male bears I've been spending time with...I hope he comes back next year and 2015 may even be his first breeding year :-)

Fall Is In The Air

Chris MacDonald and I went up to see the bears over the weekend but didn't have any seems they have left the area for the season. I was hoping to see them one last time but will have to wait until they reappear in May. Still had a great time and managed to find a fox, lots of deer and took some landscapes too. We're getting into one of my favorite seasons for shooting but I have to admit that I miss the summer already. Where did it go?!

Sep 11, 2014

Mr. Suspicious

Burrowing Owl in Florida

Best Wildlife Photography 2015

Three of my photos appear in the Canadian Geographic Best Wildlife Photography 2015 Issue

Sep 7, 2014

Clean Up!

A very good example of why it's important to clean up your garbage!!

Sep 6, 2014

Who's Over There?

Slim Jim watching another male bear come out of the woods...

Photobombing Bear

Me and Slim Jim. He has no fear and often cuts across in front of me while I'm photographing another bear...he needs to learn that people cannot be trusted especially since the new bear management policy has come into effect.

Caribbean Sunset

I'm back and had a great time in the Dominican...lots of time at the beach and in the pools, spent some time with Monkeys that were rescued from the tourist trade and snorkeling to see the reefs and a wide variety of fish. I didn't really get my camera equipment out often but did find time to photograph a couple of sunsets. This one was taken right from the cold-water Jacuzzi's at our resort.