Jan 16, 2012

How Cute Am I?!!

How Cute Am I?!! by Megan Lorenz
How Cute Am I?!!, a photo by Megan Lorenz on Flickr.

I love my "job". Whether it's leading a group workshop, teaching one-on-one, doing presentations, getting out into nature and photographing wildlife, being able to travel to amazing places, shooting weddings, pets, portrait sessions and meeting some incredible people...I could go on and on. I really can't believe that I got this lucky to be able to make photography a full-time business.

This is even more true when I have days like I had yesterday. This was from a session with a wonderful client and I was immersed in puppy madness . Love it! The only problem is that my pockets were checked before I left so I didn't come home with a puppy :-)

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