May 13, 2012

Rambo (2 Years)

Rambo (2 Years) by Megan Lorenz
Rambo (2 Years), a photo by Megan Lorenz on Flickr.

English Bulldogs are one of my favorite breeds. I used to work at an Emergency Animal Hospital and we had a very special Bulldog come into our care. Molly was just a tiny puppy and had been in a car accident which resulted in paralysis of her back end. It didn't seem to affect her personality, spirit or resolve to act like a normal puppy.

She'd drag herself around to "chase" after my pug. He seemed to sense that he needed to stop after every short burst of speed to allow her to catch up. She was friendly towards everyone and really wiggled her way into my heart.

The clinic was having a hard time finding someone that could look after a dog like her. She was going to need a cart, would need therapy, lots of veterinary care and someone to deal with bathroom issues etc. I BEGGED my husband. Told him that despite her issues she was the perfect addition to our already full household. Luckily he had more sense than I did...he said he'd love to take her in but we were not the ideal home for her. We had stairs, I wouldn't be able to lift her once she was full-grown, we were often away from the house for long periods at a time and it just wouldn't work. Years passed and I lost touch with what happened to her and I really feared that she'd never find a forever home that she deserved.

Back to yesterday's client session...I had THREE adult English Bulldogs in my "studio" and was having an absolute blast. When our time was up, I really didn't want them to leave!

Here's the kicker: Imagine how I felt to hear that their owner actually knows Molly! Small world. I got an update on her and it made my day. I don't have to wonder anymore - she's in the perfect home :-)

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