Jun 10, 2013

You looking for me?

You looking for me? by Megan Lorenz
You looking for me?, a photo by Megan Lorenz on Flickr.

I'm back from a few great days in Algonquin. I'm currently going through my third tube of anti-itch cream for the blackfly and mosquito bites I managed to get all over my body but it's so worth it. Haven't been able to get any sleep with the constant itching despite the cream and loading up on Benedryl.

So....what did we see? one bull moose, two cows, a turkey with babies, male Spruce Grouse, female Spruce Grouse, turtles, two rabbits, an American Mink, one fox and the deer we came within inches of hitting (and when we stopped to catch our breath after the near miss - a certain smartass said "did you get a shot because I don't think I'll be able to get you closer to a deer than that again".

What a perfect weekend :-D

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