Sep 9, 2015

Not Embearassed

Teddy wasn't embearassed at all and was quite happy to bear it all this week. I'm feeling a bit sad that bear season is almost over. I've spent so much time with these bears this summer and it has been such a privilege to have my presence accepted and be able to watch them grow. Last years favorite bear "Slim Jim" didn't show up this year but I'm sure he is fine and just moving through a larger territory now that he is at breeding age. I try not to get attached to the animals I photograph but it's impossible.
I do not share exact locations. Our wildlife should be protected and when locations are shared these animals are put at risk. This is especially true with Black Bears. When bears are reported to authorities or MNR they are often shot even if they have done nothing and should not have been deemed a nuisance bear. In addition Ontario brought back the Spring Bear Hunt a couple of years ago and unfortunately it looks like it will continue. Please do not ask. Any comments "outing" the locations will be deleted....
All of my photographs/video are Copyright © Megan Lorenz, All Rights Reserved. They may not be used in whole or in part for artistic reference, blogged, reproduced, redistributed, copied or manipulated for commercial or personal use under any circumstances without a license and/or my written consent.

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