Jul 28, 2017


I was contacted by TruLife in June wishing to collaborate and get my opinion on their anti-reflective acrylic. They provided me with a complimentary TruLife™ acrylic face mount of one of my photographs. I received the 32x40 acrylic a few days ago and was blown away by the quality.

TruLife™ acrylic was created to maintain the virtues of acrylic while eliminating distracting reflections.. It certainly does this. Its anti-reflective surface is impressive and makes a big difference over regular acrylics when tested in many areas of my home. It also comes with the best hanging system I've seen on any print which will make the process simple and frustration-free!

I have included a photo (please excuse the poor ipad quality). I will be sharing another photo when the print finds a permanent place on my walls.

TruLife™ boasts:

  ∞ Vibrant colors, depth, and clarity
∞ Abrasion resistance
∞ Anti-static
∞ Lightweight (half the weight of glass)
∞ Shatter resistance
∞ 99% UV protection
∞ No need for acrylic cleaner

I look forward to providing this as an option for those that want a special statement piece of art.


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