Sep 16, 2018


Cross Fox Vixen in Newfoundland, Canada

Sep 15, 2018


Yellow-Bellied Marmot in Yellowstone National Park

Sep 13, 2018

Sep 12, 2018

Looking Back

Red Fox Vixen in Newfoundland, Canada

Sep 10, 2018

Stop bugging me!

Wild Black Bear in Ontario, Canada.  She may look mean but this is the expression you get when the bugs are driving them crazy and one may have gone up her nose! 

Sep 9, 2018

Tree Frog

Red-Webbed Tree Frog in Costa Rica (Hypsiboas rufitelus)

Sep 8, 2018

Standing Bear

This is Katie....our standing bear. She was born in January 2016 and is the cub who we used to call Minime. (She's in the photo with the Sow & Cub hanging their paws over the log.) She's a two-year-old now and even though her Mom disappeared last year, there are other older bears in the area so she is constantly on alert and stands on her hind legs often :-D