Jul 27, 2016

Double Trouble

Burrowing Owlets in Cape Coral, Florida


Red Fox in Algonquin Provincial Park

Jul 25, 2016

Puffin Pose

Atlantic Puffin in Newfoundland

Landing Gear

Northern Gannet at Cape St. Mary's in Newfoundland

Jul 21, 2016

Choose The Next "Best Wildlife Photography" Cover!

Two of my photos (Black Bear & Wolf) are being considered for the cover of the Canadian Geographic "Best Wildlife Photography 2017" issue.  Please click on the link...I need your votes.

Thank you to everyone for all your support, it really is appreciated.


Smithsonian Earth

I’m excited to share the news that my work has been featured in a short series for @Smithsonian Earth! You can see my interview and my photo, Atlantic Puffin & Wild Iris, on “The Wildest Shot: Inside Nature’s Best Photography” HERE

Jul 20, 2016

Do I Know You?

I'm back from a fun but challenging trip to Newfoundland....the weather made photography impossible for much of our trip but we had a couple of nice days which we made the most of. Hope you guys are ready for lots of Puffin photos!

Jul 3, 2016

Puffin Party

I'm off to Newfoundland for a couple of weeks!! Won't have much time for posting/updates but I'm sure I'll have lots of photos to share once I return!

Jul 2, 2016

Not In A Selfie Mood

Burrowing Owlet balancing on a GoPro in Florida


Rock Hyrax (Dassie)
Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

Jul 1, 2016

Heart & Soul

Love this boy


Collared Aracari in Costa Rica