Mar 20, 2011


Peeved, originally uploaded by Megan Lorenz.

Nature's Photo Adventures: Florida, March 2011

I've been in Florida for one week now....and I'm always amazed at how fast the time goes when I'm here. We've already been to Ding Darling, Bunche Beach, Bowman's Beach, CROW, New Pass, Hart's Landing, The Venice Rookery, Celery Fields etc., so we've packed a lot into a week!

Our van has gone into a ditch once - not my fault!, we met with CCFW (thanks Sue & Beverly!!) and watched some incredible sunrises, sunsets and the moon which is closer to earth than it's been in many years.

I could NOT be having more fun.

We spent days in Cape Coral to focus on the Burrowing Owls, I swear their population has gone through a dramatic increase since I was there last year.

This is one of Nelson's Owls, who didn't seem happy that he was getting sprayed with sand because his mate was busy "decorating" and digging her burrow. (see the sand on the left of the photo?) I'll post some info on the Burrowing Owls soon.

Carmen & Ben....your owls are coming in the next few days. Thanks for putting up with us on your property for all of those hours and for the company!!

And a huge shout-out to Wimberley. Too tired now, but I'll explain what happened and how they came through for me in the next few days!

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